Single-serve on its head (literally)


The stem glass has always been a staple of the wine industry. We strongly believe it conveys stature and quality, two attributes that every fine wine must possess. We set out to bring those attributes to the single-serve market with Couple.

The challenge was to incorporate a full stem but also retain all other important aspects that define a great wine packaging container, like convenience, portability, shelf life, among others, all while keeping a simple, elegant and functional design that stands out and doesn't compromise. 



Functional flexibility

When we applied our innovative Xtem Interlocking Glass design to Couple we got more than we hoped for. The result is a beautiful, functional and flexible PET packaging solution unlike anything else on the market.

The functionality goes beyond the obvious to details like the foot that serves as both a protective lid and a coaster.

The design is flexible enough to allow for any bowl and stem shape to be incorporated.

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.
— Plautus

Sharing: the essence of wine drinking

Single-serve wine should not be the exception to what many believe

is the essence of wine drinking.

Our standard packaging format joins two units by

shrink wrapping them together as a couple to promote sharing.


Full stem - Full space

With Couple space is maximized; shipping space is the same as with a standard bottle of wine (minus the weight, of course).

Shelf space is also preserved in all its glory, giving your retailers all the incentives to carry your product.


Couple Singles

If your specific needs demand for a different product presentation,

our packaging solution can be shrink wrapped in any number of units per pack,

even just One.